Wednesday, 31 December 2008

For Susanna from Finland

Today I had a lovely email from Susanna in Helsinki, Finland saying that she's just found my blog and had really enjoyed reading back over it and really liked "Honeydukes", and wanted to know where I got the shop units from. So for Susanna and anyone else who's interested the units came from Matlock Miniatures.
Susanna also has a blog called Elamaa Koossa 1:12, as always go over and say Hi, its a lovely blog and today there are printable chocolate boxes on there... Mmmmmmm CHOC O LATE....


Susanna said...

Happy New year!

Thank you so much for that link, I've spent a lovely time looking and am ready to order lots of lovelies!

And I know I'll be stopping by here on a regular basis from now on :)

Debbie said...

So glad I could help Susanna. Mini Hugs

The Carolina Quilter said...

Happy New Year, Debbie! I spent the day with family and took my Fimo and sculpting tools with me so made a little cat. She's not up to the standards of Kerri Pajutee by any stretch but I like her and once I paint her and put fur on. . . I'll show it as soon as I get her painted! I wish you health, prosperity and lots of time for mini's this year!
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