Friday, 2 January 2009

Cold Day... Minus 7..

Its minus 7 here today.. Brrrr. (can you hear my teeth chattering). All our outside taps are frozen solid, so we've had to put the hose pipe in boiling water in the sink to defrost it as we need to get water to all the animals..
Took Angel our poorly pussy cat to the vets this morning, she's gained some weight, but will have to continue on her special diet, and tablets for her heart forever. She won't be able to go out now and will be a house cat. The vet said that her condition may be congenital as she's always been very tiny. She's quite happy indoors, getting lots of cuddles and being thoroughly spoilt.
Mick's parent's also left this morning to go back to London, they been with us since Boxing day. Hopefully, there won't be too much traffic on the roads and they will get back in good time.
Meant to say that Mick's thumb is healing nicely, he went to the Doctor's on New Years Eve to have it checked and redressed. These pictures were taken after it had been soaking in water, before it was redressed.
I've taken all the Christmas Decorations down and they are now packed away. So I can now get all my miniature bits out again and hopefully finish Honeydukes..

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