Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Another Wonderful Blog - Tales From A Toymaker

Yesterday, while trawling the web for more mini links, I came across Tales From A Toymaker, its written by Sandra Morris of Tower House Dolls and Diminutive Dolls. It is one of the most entertaining blogs, I've read. You've got to read it from the start, so make sure you've got a couple of hours spare, it had me chuckling especially the post about the Fat Squirrel.. (you really have to read it). It was started to show how, she was constructing a Victorian/Edwardian Toy Shop, but includes like mine, her daily ramblings and adventures. Hope you don't mind me saying that Sandra. No offence meant.
Now thinking about it, I'm sure in amongst my wonderful stash of Miniatures, that are still to be extracted from the Garage, that I actually have some of Sandra's Dolls..
So go over and say Hi, and prepare to be entertained.


erika said...


That blog was fantastic.

Sandra Morris said...

Aw shucks........thanks Debbie. Glad you like it :-)

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