Saturday, 31 January 2009


I've been doing even more distressing today on some Barrels for the Apothecary.
This is an extract from the book concerning the Apothecary:-
The Apothecary is a fascinating shop crammed with all sorts of interesting things. There are barrels of slimy stuff lined up on the floor and jars of all sorts of powders, herbs, and the like along the walls. Bundles of feathers, fangs, and claws hang from the ceiling. The whole place smells very bad, a mixture of bad eggs and rotten cabbage.
So I now need to fill them, with Slimy Stuff..Yuk!


erika said...

I could see the Apothecary In my mind with stuff hangin from the roof and the barrels filled to the top.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Debbie. If you can get hold of tiny little glass balls of all different sizes and fill a barrel with a mix of coloured liquid fimo and the balls you can make one of them look like it's bubbling.
You can bake it in the oven and the wood will be fine. You can even keep building up the bubbles so they spill over the sides. I have a picture with a cauldron doing this so will go and email it to you.

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