Saturday, 10 January 2009

Miniature Straw hat..

In amongst the chaos in the bags I brought in yesterday. I found some hat straw. Now I've never made a hat from straw before, material yes, straw no, so I thought I'd give it a go. I started it about 10.30pm last night. I thought the straw was quite stiff and was wondering how to get to to curve. Trail and error was involved, but I eventually realised that if I pulled the straw gently, it started to curve all on its own. It was too late to try and find something to form it on, so I just used my finger. By 12.30pm I had a little shaped hat that I was quite pleased with. This morning I've added some lace and silk ribbon and made a bow. It's not going to be worn by a doll, but is to go in the trunk with the Dress I made yesterday. For my first attempt, not bad, I think it will pass muster.


erika said...

What a lovely straw hat

marlies said...

I think it turned out lovely! Also i love the dress.

Sandra Morris said...

The hat is really lovely :-)
I use that hatstraw a lot. It has two cotton drawstrings running along each edge (if you fray out the ends you will find them).
If you pull one of the drawstrings (being careful not to pull it out altogether!) you will find that the straw curves beautifully.
When I first started in miniatures over 25 years ago (yikes) the first things I ever made to sell were miniature straw and fabric hats. Happy days.
Email me if you need any more hat straw. I have a huge boxful most of which I've dyed myself in a huge range of colours and I'm never, ever going to be able to use it all.

San said...

I have spent this afternoon reading your various posts and the ones from Sandra Morris. Just want to congratulate you on a great job with this blog and the darling little straw hat!

rosanna said...

How cute, it makes me think of Reason and sentiment, Thunderings heights and so on. So romantic, You have fairy hands

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

What a darling hat, Debbie! I can't wait to see the trunk filled with all its treasures! That's another project on my ever growing to-do list!

I was going to mention about the cotton string but saw Sandra's post. :) I'm sure you know this but in case others don't, the same thing is true with antique cotton lace. :)

Mini hugs,

Debbie said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments.
Thanks Sandra & Marsha for your hints & Tips. I'll know now for next time. Sandra I've emailed you about the hat straw.
Rosanna, I did laugh at your post. Fairy hands I have not,my hands are huge, more like a Navvy's.
Nice to meet you San, glad you enjoyed reading the blog..

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