Saturday, 17 January 2009

Making A Chest ... (Part 2)

To make up your Chest you will need some thick tacky glue and a large pair of scissors. I found as I, was putting the chest together that I needed to trim the side pieces to slide in between the front and back pieces. Remember I'm doing this as I go along... We are making the bottom of the trunk first.
Take one of the large pieces and put it colour side, face down on to your work surface, then take the back piece of card and try a dry fit first, then run a line of tacky glue along the bottom edge of your side piece and place directly on top of the bottom piece. Hold in place until it will stand on it's own, do exactly the same with the other side. Give the glue time to dry, before trying to add the side pieces. Once your pieces are dry, try the sides, you want them to be able to slide in between the back and front and also sit on the bottom piece. This is were the scissors come in handy. I had to trim the sides to fit.. (please see pictures for reference). Leave to dry and then start on the top of your trunk, following the same instructions as for the bottom, again you may have to trim the side pieces.. You should know have a top and bottom of a trunk. Leave them to dry thoroughly..
I'll be back later with the next lot of instructions, once I've done it myself..
We are due severe weather here today, so need to go outside now and make sure everything is secure. Gale force winds are on the way.... Oh Joy..

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