Thursday, 15 January 2009

Another Trip To Accident & Emergancy..

Oh what an afternoon..
Harry my youngest had an accident at school this afternoon. We got a phone call from the school to say he'd hurt his Knee, while doing cross country. (Let me describe the weather, it was absolutely tripping it down with rain and howling wind). And yes they make the kids go out in it.. Harry was out in front and slowed down, when he got to a small footbridge, that crosses a stream, by this time some of the others have caught up, Harry gets pushed, slips in his studs and goes over the handrail, dropping approx 5ft onto rocks. No one stopped to help him, he managed to drag himself out and hobble back towards the school, where he meets one of the teachers, who reaction was "Oh what have you done now Harry", so Harry tells him. Did the teacher help him back to school, oh no, got one of Harry's friends to help him to the Nurse's office.
The Nurse puts an ice pack on his knee, compression bandage and gave him a pair of crutches to help him get to the office. Then we get the phone call. I only find out all this when I get to the school. So take Harry straight round to our Doctor's, who has a look and wasn't happy, so told us to get him to casualty for X-ray's.
So off to A & E, where X-Ray's are taken, thankfully no broken bones, he has however, torn the ligaments around the knee. So he now has to rest with his leg in an elevated position, but try and walk on it tomorrow, without crutches and no sport at all till the ligaments are healed. Which now means he can't go riding either.
Now call me an over protective mother, but I am absolutely fuming. I can't bear to think of the what ifs.. Like if when he fell he'd hit his head and fallen face down in the water..
I'll be taking this up with the school tomorrow, as Harry could have been seriously hurt or worse.
I feel better for getting that of my chest.. Phew.......


Marja said...

so that's a shock,
Fortunately, it is all so bad
I would certainly tell the school what I think!
best for your son.
hugs Marja

erika said...

Yes give the school a noseburn.
Poor him, hope the knee get better soon.

kimsminiatures said...

Poor Harry, I'm sorry Debbie. What a day! I don't think I would want to be working at that school tomorrow. Us protective mama bears...Look out. I made some chcolate cheesecake you might need some. Lol Chocolate always makes everything better:) Hugs for you and Harry.

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

What in the world is that school thinking?!?!?!?!? And NO ONE stopped to help him!?!?! Thank goodness it wasn't too serious, although torn ligaments are not good . . . I'd make them pay for his medical bills too . . . . .

marlies said...

O, I would be mad, you have to talk to those teachers, certainly!
Hope it goes well with his knee, bets wishes for your son.

Debbie said...

Thanks to everyone for their best wishes.
Marsha lucky for us we don't have to pay for medical treatment in the UK, its free to everyone..
Kim I'd love a slice of that chocolate cheesecake I'll help my self to a virtual slice..
Gawd help the school tomorrow, Mummy's on the war path..

Dragonstar said...

That sort of thing makes me so mad! I hope you tore a strip off that school today. Surely someone should have stopped to help - I'd have thought it would be part of the pre-run instruction!

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Glad to hear Harry is OK.....I can't believe the school acted the way the did, including the PE teacher....Don't worry, Karma is a wonderful thing!!!

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