Sunday, 11 January 2009

Nikki's Got A Copy Cat..

Tonight, I popped over to Nikki's Ebay listings to see what lovely creations she had for sale. Yes, I was tempted and I brought something. Now I don't know whether if you use Ebay, that you've noticed that when you make a purchase, it gives you a little pop up window on your home page of similar items. Well I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing, someone has copied Nikki's design and title of the item and selling it. The Bloody cheek of some people. I emailed Nikki with the link to let her know. Mind you I have to say, the other person's work is complete crap compered to Nikki's. I've borrowed the pictures so you can compare yourselves. I emailed Nikki and told her to report it to Ebay. But Nikki, bless her heart emailed me back saying "OH it's not worth reporting it, it's just someone trying to find their way and eventually they will find their own style". Actually Nikki, I'd like to punch their face in, on your behalf... I'm not as forgiving..
Tonight Nikki, has put some lovely printies on her blog Witch & Wizard Miniatures, for every one to share, so go over and have a look and say Hi, to this thoroughly lovely Lady.


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Oh Lol Debbie. Wouldn't want to get into a punch up with you... lol.
You are right and it is quite upsetting when people copy but what can you do. The person will stop copying when they don't sell or they spend more on costs than actual returns. This is how i see it. Now, i know i should report them but won't because they will just fade away into the dust like all the other rubbish copy cats.
Perhaps i should make a cast away copiers spell board.
If anyone has ideas for this potion board i'll make it and post for you all to see this week or next. Perhaps i'll stick it on ebay and see if they copy again... lol.
Now what could i put on the board........hmmmmmmm!

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

She is a far better woman that I am as I, like you, would be seeting! It is the way it is, unfortunately, people copying other people . . . . I'll pop on over to Nikki's website and take a peak!!

Debbie said...

This is the email that Nikki sent me this evening, that she has written to the Copy Cat...
Hi Debbie.

This is what i have sent to the copier as follows.

Bye for now... Nikki

Hi. Many of my friends have pointed out this item to me this evening and told me to report you for copying. I don't want to do that but from now on i would ask you not to copy my work.
It isn't nice to be copied but rest assured people always let me know when my work has been copied.
If you continue to copy my work i will report you to ebay.
All work by a published artist has copyright laws and so therefore you are infringing on copyright laws.
Look up copyright laws stated in ebays rules.
I won't report this and hopefully my friends will not either, but from the time this listing ends please make sure you make no more copies on further listings.
Best wishes... Nikki

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