Thursday, 15 January 2009

Update On The Offending Article..

I took some photo's of Mick's thumb tonight, to give you an update on the offending article.. Well I have to say, its healed beautifully. Its still very sore and tender around the tip, but I can't quite believe that the thumb as healed as it has. The Doctors said that the nail bed would not grow back, but it looks like it has... Isn't the human body a wonderful thing..... Can you believe the difference. The bottom two photo's were taken tonight..


rosanna said...

I'm a bit late with the news. You ARE NOT over protective about Harry, it is the school wich is criminally uncaring. Our children don't need to be pampered but they are not soldiers at war anyway. I'd go and have a good talk with the school master.
Are not finished Orwell's school days in UK? Mini hugs for you and a great encouragement to Harry

Dragonstar said...

That thumb is incredible! Well done that man.

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