Thursday, 15 January 2009

Some More Birthday Presents...

I ordered these from Nikki at Witch and Wizard Miniatures, for Diagon Alley. They arrived today with a lot of extra goodies that Nikki put in for me, which I'll show you later.
Aren't they wonderful.. I emailed Nikki today, to say how pleased I was with everything, and to thank her for the little extras, she put in my parcel. Nikki emailed me back and unfortunately she's feeling pretty poorly at the moment. So Nikki if your reading this I hope your feeling better... x


Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Oh, how wonderful!!!! Can't wait to see more! Mini hugs, Marsha

Leah's Art Magic said...

Hi Debbie, I have come to your blog by way of Joyce Stahl's blog. I love your Harry Potter minitures! You are very talented! Sorry about your husbands thumb and your son's knee.
I have a cross country runner too. He is running in college now. I hope your son's knee gets better.
Take care,

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