Friday, 23 January 2009

Another Blog Award...

I've received another blog award from Brujita at Brujitaminis. Thank you very much.
That now means I have to pass this one on to another 15 people. So with the one I received yesterday from Lenira at Minimundomania, thats 30 people. Good job I read lots of blogs.
So here goes, I would like to forward this award on to:-
Christine at Candid Canine, who's blog is always interesting.
Dragonstar at Dragon Days for sharing her photographs and for her love of Dragons..
Gaye at Creating Dollshouse Miniatures, for finding all those video's to share with us.
Rosanna at La Stanza di giuggiol, for all her wonderful creations.
Stephanie at PetitPlat, who's creations always make my mouth water.
Susanna at Ellamaa Koossa 1:12, lovely Mini's on there.
Patricia at Fairies Fair, for her wonderful sculpts.
Vane for her blog Peketienda.
Valeria at Brincando de Boneca.
Daisy at Loja De Artesana Colonial 1/12.
Dollhead at Dollhead blog for always having some great Dolls to show us.
Marja at Marja's Wondere Wereld Van Minatuur.
Cookie at Cookie's World Of Historic Dolls Houses & Miniatures.
Katie at Katies Clay Corner, for her entertaining blog.
Minna at Minna's Doll World.

Donna at Never Enough Time.
Jayne at Cup Cake Fantasy for sharing all her creations.
Laura at Laura's Miniatures.
Kathy at Kathy's Funny Farm.
Casey at Casey's Minis for always sharing her hints & tips.
Sandra at Tales Of A Toymaker, for such an entertaining blog.
Vicky at NJD Miniatures.
Nikki at Witch & Wizard Miniatures for her friendship and great miniatures.
Kat at Kat The Hat's Blog, for her wonderful Miniature hats.
Tonyina at Can Tonyina Minis.
Fluffy Bricks at Fluffy Bricks.
Jody at Mini Leaps & Bounds.
Marsha at Sassy Mini Dolls for all her wonderful Sassy Dolls & did I tell you she loves Pink..
Marlies at Marlies and Minies.
Doreen at Doreen's Projects.
Not all of these blogs are Mini related but I think they deserve the award.
To those of you that have received the award please post it on your blog and pass on to 15 others who you want to receive it. If you haven't got 15 to pass it on to, just pass it on to who you want.


The Carolina Quilter said...

You are too kind, Debbie! I aspire to the wonderful mini creations of some of you in our mini blog community! I'm still searching for my niche but so enjoying the exquisite creations, tutorials, pix and links everyone has to share. I'm eagerly awaiting some mini's I've ordered for various projects so I'll post those soon!

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Daisy Carpi said...

Thank you for the prize.

ANA ROSA. said...

Hello Debbie, I am late, but anyhow I want to wish you to have a happy year and that you have had a happy birthday.
An embrace.

Marja said...

Thank you Debbie.
I am very proud of this i may receive
hugs Marja

Minna said...

Thank you so much Debbie dear!

Hager Bears by Donna said...

Thank you so much for the award. That was so sweet of you.
I am new to this so I will check into adding it to my blog.
Thanks again,

Jayne said...

Thank you so much Debbie - this is my first award, I'm so pleased!
Love Jayne xxxx

Chris V. said...

Thank you Debbie. The mini world is so great. So much fun that we all can share our work with each other! I'll put the award up over the weekend.

Dollhead said...

Thanx Debbie! I really appreciate it!!! And congrats, you deserve an award, your blog it lovely.

tonyina said...

Debbie thanks!
and congratulations on your prize!

marlies said...

Congratulations with your award! You work is great!

I'm sorry for I'm late, I have been busy with my trunk and I had a little operation.
Thank you for given me an award, I will check in to it, to adding it on my blog.

MiniMaker said...

Thank you, Debbie!
Mini Hugs,

Laura said...

Thanks very much Debbie for your award! You really deserve it with your lovely creation and all the work you put into you blog. I really love it!


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