Wednesday, 21 January 2009

More Followers...

I have more followers. Hello everyone and Welcome..
They are:-
Patrizia who's blog is called Fairies Fair. Patrizia sculpts the most beautiful Fairy's.
Rita who's blog is called Ooak Fairy Fae Sculpture, I love the little Goth Fairy.
Mel's Miniatures who is a follower, but doesn't have a blog yet.. Come on Mel join us..
SJNorris who is a follower, but again doesn't have a blog..
Pussman who has two blogs pussman stuffies etc.. and pussman & co....
Kat who's blog is called Kat the Hat's. Kat makes wonderful miniature hats of which I have quite a few in my collection. (Love the new Vampire Boxes Kat).
And last but not least is Laura, but her profile is not available, so I can't see share with you...

As always go and say Hi and see all the wonderful creations... Have fun..

1 comment:

Brujita said...

Hello Debbie....Your blog is fantastic for miniatures lovers...My english is very bad, but I would like greeting for your greatest blog...At my blog, you have an award...

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