Friday, 16 January 2009

Private Profiles..

Can I just say to everyone, if you keep your profile private on blogger, no-one can access your blog from your profile page.
This happened to me the other day when I was saying Hello to some new followers. I wanted to share Meli's page, but when I clicked on the little follower picture, it took me over to the profile page and it said profile not available. I had a comment from Meli asking why I couldn't share her blog and that was way, because if the profile page is private, you cannot access any information.
However, I've popped back today and and the profile page is now available, so I can now share it with you all. Meli's blog is called Casitas de Meli, go over and say Hi, there's some lovely miniatures on there...
So if you want people to see your blog, please don't make your profiles private....

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Meli said...

Thanks Debbie for your comments.
All the best,

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