Wednesday, 7 January 2009

New Followers..

I'd like to welcome six new followers to my blog. Hi everyone and welcome..
Living who has two blogs Fluffy Bricks and Living In the Past. She has also set up the web site Fluffy Bricks Miniature Penfriends site. Which I know some of you have already signed up for, including me.
Marlies, who is from the Netherlands. She has the little Teddy Bear as her profile picture.
Lynn, who's blog is called The Homemade Dollhouse.
Grace who's blog is called Treefeathers, Life In Miniature. If you look in my side bar I also have a link to Treefeathers Web site and Ebay Listings. Grace makes the most wonderful miniature books. I have some residing in Flourish & Blotts in Diagon Alley.
Doreen who is from Canada and has two blogs Doreen's Projects and Doreen's Miniatures. Both of which are filled with lovely pictures.
And last but not least Erika who's blog is called Miniatures.
Please go over and visit their blogs and as always say Hi...
Isn't this internet wonderful, we can all go and visit each others Miniature Collections..
Also Kim, has posted on her blog It's A Miniature Life, a link to her flickr album for her Miniature Kitchen. It's beautiful, looks like its straight out of a glossy magazine. Be prepared to drawl...

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marlies said...

Thank you for your words of welcome, marlies

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