Monday, 8 December 2008

Mini Chocolate..

I tried the little trays out in the counter for Honeydukes this evening and they look really cute..
While I was out in town today, called in the florist to get some cellophane. I want to make some little bags of sweeties and wrap up my sticks of rock... If you click on the photographs, it brings them up bigger... Ignore all the stuff on the work table..


kimsminiatures said...

Debbie, It looks so good. I wish I could have some. Nice job. Mini hugs!

Christel Jensen said...

Hi Debbie. Wow I love your colors on the different chocolates. Really great mixing job. Also I am impressed with the clean lines you have got. I often get marks on the clay from the cutters. Yours are perfect!:)

Marja said...

mmmmmmmmm ....Give me a pound..haha
Debby very nice ... just really!
hugs... marja

Debbie said...

Thank you everyone.. At least these ones are Calorie free... Mini Hugs x

Marian said...

Hello Debbie, my english is very bad. I want to tell you, congratulations by your works. The mini chocolates are very nice and reality,......mmmmmmmm.......Nice job. Bye and kiss

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