Saturday, 6 December 2008

Another Award..

Today, I read Casey's blog and she had been given three blog awards and was in a dilemma as she didn't have 18 people to forward the award on to. So I wrote a comment on her blog, saying to send it to six people. When I received the award the other day, I wrote every one's blog down that I read and got my son to pick out six names, those were the people I sent it on to.. Well I've been over to Casey's blog tonight and she's given me another award. So to make it fair I'm going to do the same again. It's really hard just to choose, because there are so many people out there who's work is outstanding.

1. Tonyina - Can Tonyina Minis.
2. Vicky - NJD Miniatures
3. Terry - Minihouse di terry
4. Lenira -minimundomania
5. Lisa - Lovinclaydolls
6. Joke - Oud-Leeuwenstein

OK Girls your turn to pass it on. Just copy the award image to your computer, add to your blog page and award it to 6 others...


LENIRA said...

Muito obrigada pelo Prêmio al esfuerzo personal.THANK YOU.

tonyina said...

it is always an honor to collect a prize.
the teapots are very nice, but the finger afraid jejej

Morgan Mandel said...

One of the blog awards ended up with me, for which I'm grateful to Christine Verstraete.

Morgan Mandel

Vicky Guile said...

Hi Debbie, Thanks for the award :o)

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