Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Nikki Rowe

While I was looking through Ebay the other day, for some bits for Diagon Alley. I came across Nikki Rowe, who makes the most wonderful Wizard/Witchey bits. I said to Mick, "have a look at these, they would look lovely in Diagon Alley". So he said, "well order them and I'll pay for them as Stocking fillers for you for Christmas". Well I didn't need telling twice.
I emailed Nikki and asked whether I could share her information on this blog. I gave Nikki my blog address, so she could have a look. Well, all us Miniaturist's need to stick together.. Nikki emailed me back and was quite happy for me to share, with you.
My parcel arrived today, and I know I shouldn't really have peeked, but I wanted to show everyone. It's so exciting!..
I'd ordered four Potion Bottle's, one containing Peace Potion, one of Serpent's Blood, one containing Skele-Grow and last but not least Crow's Feet Potion. Everything is Perfection and the attention to detail is second to none.
Now as I unwrapped all the little items, I found a little note attached to another little parcel, saying "Something I started for you to complete, Mushroom's need painting". Nikki bless her heart had put some extras in the parcel for me. How kind is that. There's a lovely little basket, with Scroll's & Bones, Dragon claws, Unicorn Horn's, tiny little shells, Toadstools, some lovely little printed spells and pictures.
Nikki, if your reading this A BIG THANK YOU, for all the little extras, it was very kind of you and very much appreciated. They will look Fabulous in Diagon Alley...
Nikki has some more wonderful items listed on Ebay this week. So go over and have a look, here's Nikki's Ebay Link.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Oh WOW! I love all the little bottles!! And you got unicorn horns....How exiciting!! I'll have to check out her stuff!!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Debbie. Lovely to see my litle potions and your lovely comments. I've now set up a blog too. New to blogging so my page is a right state at the moment. I'm nikkinikkinikki72 if you want to find me.
Also love all your link and images and keep having a nose at your harry potter images.... brilliant!!!

Debbie said...

Katie, isn't Nikki's Miniature's brilliant..

Nikki, so pleased you've decided to start a blog. Mini Hugs x

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