Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Blog Award From Daisy...

I had a nice surprise this evening. Daisy has given me a blog award. Muchas Gracias Daisy. I do hope I've spelt that correctly and have thanked Daisy and not insulted her. Daisy's blog is called Daisy's Miniaturas 1/12. Now I my have got this wrong, as I don't speak Spanish, but I think I now have to pass the award to another 6 people.
So I'd like to pass the award on to:-
1. Christel Jenson
2. Kim - It's a Miniature Life
3. Katie - Katie's Clay Corner
4. Helbel - Helbel's Icklebits
5. Marja - Marja's Wondere Wereld Van Minatuur
6. Stephanie - Petitplat
Girls you need to copy the image on here and then transfer it to your blog and then pass it on to another 6 people..


Daisy Carpi said...

Yes, this all right!

Marja said...

Thank you Debbie ...
I'm going to watch tonight is who I will give this!
x marja

Stéphanie Kilgast said...

Thanks Debbie ;)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Thank you Debbie!! Thank you for having such a wonderful blog yourself!!!!!


Christel Jensen said...

Hi Debbie:) Thank you, so sweet of you.

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