Saturday, 5 May 2012

Never To Be Seen Again..

Over a year ago, I had a Birthday give away and the lovely Alison of Bliss Miniatures won.
So I packed the parcel, stuck on the appropriate customs form and By Air sticker, took it to the post office and off it went.
Where it went, neither I or Alison have any idea. Its one of the many Parcels that get lost in the Post. Never to be seen again.
I only found this out by chance, as I was speaking to Alison on Facebook. Well, I was mortified, that she hadn't received it, so I sorted out some more bits and pieces for Alison. Packed them, stuck on the appropriate customs form and the By Air sticker, took it to the Post office and off it went again.
Thankfully, it was second time Lucky and Alison, received her parcel. I forgot in my haste to take a picture of the contents of the parcel, so I've borrowed one of Alison's.
I hope you have Fun Alison, with the contents of your Parcel.. xxx


Josje said...

It does make you wonder where all of these packages disappear to...the secret life of missing pacakages...could be a good theme for a miniature scene, haha!!
Glad the second one did make it though, I am always a bit stressed when I send something off.

Janice said...

I sent my son a letter yesterday at 4.30pm. It arrived at 9.15am this morning....

Unfortunately only a very tattered envelope arrived, no contents at all. The postman just put it through the letter box without a second thought.


Ilona said...

OMG, what a disaster: to sent a generous give away to a winner and it is totally disappeared!! Some time ago I sent a registered package to somebody abroad which is safely arrived, but according the postoffice it is still on its way :)!! That possible too ;)!
Have a great weekend!
Greetings, Ilona

rosanna said...

I hate sendind parcels cos often they vanish into thin air.
At least those which would arive at my door !
I thought it was oly Italian problem but it seems not.
I am happy for Alyson.
Hugs, Rosanna

Marsha @ Tattered Chick said...

I'm with Josje, I wonder where all these packages/letters end up.

The package Nikki sent me in March was just returned to her, LOL, with no explanation?!

I won a blog giveaway sponsored by Gorilla Glue, never received it

And a swap that I participated in, apparently the package, along with other mail that was dropped of at the post office location at the grocery store, is missing, possibly stolen.


Alison said...

Everything in the parcel is absolutely fab, Debbie...a mini foodie's delight :) I'm especially looking forward to working with the metal ware...and there are so many pieces!! Many, many thanks ♥♥♥

Teresa said...

I wonder too. A few years ago I had a mini doll going around. She was almost home, only one ot two more stops and she disappeared. Very heartbreaking to so many people. I still miss Miss Molly D. Moose. She was in so many countries, just to go missing a few states away. Just amazing how much goes missing!

Jackie said...

It's like a black hole - like where all the missing socks in a pair wind up when they don't come out of the clothes dryer with their match? I'm glad the second package made it - and what a wonderful mini-collection it is!


Art Craft Land said...

You just furnished her entire kitchen! That's one wonderful gift! Everybody would be thrilled to win it.
Love your blog!

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