Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Decorating More Boxes..

On a previous post, I showed you the Moppe Boxes from IKEA, that I've been decorating.

I've still got quite a few to do and a bookcase to paint. But I'm getting there.
Nikki & Wendie, have also been decorating theirs, pop over to their blogs for a peek.
Over the Weekend, I've also been working on the strip of soil that runs down the side of the cabin.  Its approximately 16ft long by about 5ft wide. It has got totally over grown and was completely full of weeds and other old Rubbish. It all started great, until I managed to uproot the water pipe that runs down to the Stables and Yard. It was a case of water, water everywhere. Luckily, I hadn't put the fork through the pipe, but as I lifted it, thinking it was a huge root, the pipe came out of the connector. Thankfully, it was just a case of turning off the water, undoing the connector and reinserting the hose. I then dug a channel to see where the rest of the pipe run, so that I didn't puncture it with the fork. There is also an electric cable that runs through this bed, but that's in armoured cable.

Back breaking work, as there is so much slate in the ground, I could hardy move on Monday, but I'm so pleased, that I actually managed to do something constructive again. I've laid some old cardboard on the top, to suppress any weeds, until I can get the wall back up, compost on there to build it up, plant some sweet smelling plants and then mulch with either bark or gravel. There is also a little fence going up, to stop the Dogs getting on there. I couldn't do anything out there yesterday, as we had more drought, falling from the sky..


rosanna said...

Lovely boxes and such a huge work at your strip garden ! I am very glad that you managed to do it :o))
Minihugs, Rosanna

DollMum said...

it is amazing how some real physical work in the garden gives a real sense of achievement, especially for you with all your recent health problems this is a double achievement to be out there and make such good progress. And the rain will help the new plants grow so going out to the workshop will be even more of a pleasure than it no doubt already is.

The boxes look pretty and are useful too, helpful for sorting everything out. What fun!

Josje said...

Good work on the bit of garden! It does look like you did a lot of heavy work, but I can imagine it with pretty flowers already. Your 'drought falling from the sky' comment made me laugh, but I know you have had a lot of rain and are still having a drought warning. Lots of rain is good for the grass for the ponies!

The boxes look very pretty. I think your workshop must be a wonderful place to spend time in by now.

Ana Anselmo said...

I love the boxes Debbie, it seems we never have enough boxes, isn´t it? Nice wor in the garden, I am ure the final result it will be lovely.i am happy you are feeling better.
lots of hugs

mijbil said...

A huge work you did! :) So much patience!

KC-Design said...

I LOVE your boxes!!

What a great idea, think it could be a good thing to do it with my boxes also.....maybe in summer ((-;


Minnie Kitchen said...

Magical work!

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