Tuesday, 25 September 2007

What One Is Your Favourite?

Was sorting out some more of my stash yesterday and came across a bag of Liquorice Allsorts, that I'd made ages ago. I used to give them to new members of my old Dolls House Club as a welcome gift... My favourite one's are the black liquorice with the white fondant inside! Whats your favourite?

I was working on some Christmas biscuits last night, the biscuits had already been cooked and I was trying to get the icing on without making to much mess.. I did some Christmas trees in Green, Stars in Yellow and Red Boots. Tried them out on one of the baking sheets that I got from America. Look really good. They are so dinky, they'd make lovely little decorations to hang on a miniature Christmas tree, will have to make some more in different colours, and try and find my beading needles, to make the hole and get some thread through to hang them up!!!!

I'm off now to muck out the Horses, then I'm going to pop over and see my friend Di, as she's going into hospital next week, for major surgery on her back....

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