Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Out & About

Popped out today wanted to get a surprise present for Ben for his 16th Birthday on Monday. Managed to get what I wanted, can't say what it is incase he reads my blog. Can't believe he's grown up so quickly & boy has he grown, we think he must be 6ft 3ins now!!!!
Called in to see the Boot Sale Queen on the way home, little Brandon was fast asleep, but Tyler was all excited to see Mick. Geoff's been working on his garden wall with this special stuff that looks like bricks but isn't, it looks really good... Tash gave me a couple of pic's of Brandon & Ben, that her Mum took when we went round for his birthday. One of them is really lovely, Brandon is all snuggled up in Ben's arms looking at the camera, while Ben is looking at him. It will make a great Scrapbook page, "Best Buddies", comes to mind. Have asked Tash if she can email me the picture, that way I can attach it to my blog.
Ben took his phone to school today, as he was going straight out with his mates after school, normally he leaves it indoors and he sent a text or rang Katie to see how see got on today having her tongue pierced and got caught by one of the teachers, who then confiscated it. So we had to go to the school tonight to get it back...
Had another lovely email from a lady who has brought some miniatures from me via Ebay, saying how pleased she was with them. Its great to get feedback from my customers.
Brought a couple of sticks of sealing wax today, want to have a go at making some miniature scrolls, going to make the seal imprints from Fimo. Might have a go this evening...... I think I have some Vellum somewhere, if I do I'll take some pictures.

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KatieKatastrophe said...

ooo, Debbie, what did you get Ben?
I promise I won't tell him
Pinky promise
Speak to you soon
p.s think I'm sending Ben's ard and pressie today :] probably will be there for saturday I suspect. Cheers

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