Sunday, 9 September 2007

More Miniature Listings

Been working on some new bits & pieces. Had something weird happen today, was using some Liquid Polymer Clay to make Marmalade! Put it in the oven and it expanded right out of the top of the jar. Never had that happen before, just cut it off with a blade while it was still warm.
Been doing my listings on Ebay today. Took ages yesterday taking photos, for some reason couldn't get the light quite right. Still at least their done now.
Harry rang this morning to say that Nicky was picking Tom up from their sleep over at Alex's and she would bring him home, he turned up said can I go back with Nicky I said ok and off he went again. We've only just picked him up.
Ben's been helping Mick this morning to sort out his tools, so they can get the workshop sorted, its looked like a bombs hit it in there since we've been here. Ben's moved everything out into my horse trailer so they can put the old kitchen units in there. We might be able to find everything then...
Really want to get started on my Diagon Alley Street scene its been sitting in our bedroom waiting to be filled up again. Want it moved downstairs into the lounge. Harry helped me fill all the little jars for the Apothecary. But when we moved I cleared everything out to pack it. Got to try and find the boxes, think there in the barn, amongst the many hundreds...
Mick's Dad rang us this morning to say that Mick's Nan is not getting any better and to expect the worst in the next few days. Not very nice news..

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Jilly said...

Hi Deb... Love the peas they look so real just ready to prepare for lunch. Jill

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