Friday, 28 September 2007

Finished Pumpkins

Well I've finally finished the miniatures I've been working on this week.

The Crate of Pumpkins look really good, think I'll make some for Diagon Alley.I Hope Hazel likes them, if she doesn't I'll stick them on Ebay or keep them myself! I stained the crate with an Oak coloured wax and used hay for the filling as our straw is too thick and it looked out of scale. I've also finished a Marmalade In The Making board been trying to find my miniature gingham for the jam jar and my Jack-O-Lantern.. Also made a platter of Tail On Prawns laying in a bed of cucumber & tomato slices. Here are the pictures..... They are a bit dark cause I've only just taken them and the camera was casting a shadow...


Sarah said...

These look amazing Deb! I still get a shock when I see your work and remember what great big hands you have LOL!

Hazel said...

Hi Debbie!!
Wow my mini pumpkins are fabulous!!..sooo life-like..I Luv 'em!!
Thanks so much!!
Hazel xx

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