Wednesday, 5 September 2007

New Term/New School

While the boy's were at school today, Mick & I spent ages emptying the utility room cupboards, cleaning everything and reloading the new units in the kitchen. Will have to show the boys where everything's been moved to, otherwise their be looking for their cereal in the morning! Hopefully we can start taking the units in the utility out tomorrow now that their clear. Good knows what we will find behind them, if the rest of the house is anything to go by, it will be a disaster. Be glad when the bloody house is finished... I'll try & remember to take some pictures tomorrow of how its coming along.
Well the boys are home and they've not done much at school today, other then get their new timetables. Harry seems to have enjoyed his first day at his new school, so that's a relief. I wanted to take a picture of him this morning in his new school uniform, but he wasn't having any of it. He's currently sitting downstairs filling in his contact book & copying down his timetable.
At least I now have a full list of their holidays.
Autumn Half Term 29th October - 2nd November
Christmas 21st December - 7th January 2008
Spring Half Term 11th - 15th February 2008
Easter 19th March - 7th April 2008
Summer Half Term 26th May - 30th May 2008
Summer 21st July
Ben's really got to knuckle down now to get ready for his GCSE's. He hasn't got the result for his GCSE that he took this year. Will properly find out this week sometime. This will boost his GCSE mark next year in his science's Chemistry, Physic's & Biology.

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