Sunday, 23 September 2007


Managed to get a bit more done to my Jack-O-Lantern last night, but he's not finished yet.
Did you see X-Factor, I was laughing so much, especially at Sharon when she walked into the door. What makes me laugh are the people, that think they can really sing and they most certainly can't. You would have thought their friends or family would have told them. I get so embarrassed for them, so much so it makes me cringe. That poor 17 year old girl last night, who's Dad had made the dress for her, well need I say anymore, she couldn't sing cause she was out of breath.The family reminded me of the Golightleys!! Didn't her Family realise what she looked like Poor Kid... I felt really sorry for her.
I'm off to move some ponies about now and get dinner started, will update later.....

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