Sunday, 2 September 2007

Ebay & Home Visit

Went up the top field this morning to see the girl ponies and got mobbed, they all wanted a cuddle & stroke. Katie's the worst she thinks she's a dog. Kai is now in the home paddock prancing up and down calling to the girls. Then went down to see the boys their in the bottom field. Little Warrior is such a sweetie he always raises his nose for me to give him a kiss. Then spent some time with Cravat, who's in the stables.
Spoke to one of my friends Christine who I've known since we were babies and caught up with all her news. Hi Chris if your reading this...

Got some more bits out of the garage today and then spent ages listing some new items on Ebay. I done a Sushi Board but won't be making anymore. While I was doing the listings, Sylvia from Many Tears rang and asked if I could do a home visit for a Lurcher puppy called Avon, just outside Newcastle Emlyn. I have a link on this blog for Many Tears, have a look if you get five minutes, they do an amazing job. Not long got back from there and rang Sylvia to say everything ok.

Harry's still over his friend Paul's house and isn't due back until 9pm.

Ben had a lay in this morning and didn't get out of his pit until Noon. He's now laying on the sofa watching TV. We did have a giggle at X-factor last night. I just love watching the auditions, think at times their better then the show itself, when it gets going. I wonder what happened to the girl that won it last year? Haven't heard anything about her.
Well I'm going to finish doing my listings on Ebay for the day and go & have a nice shower. Got the Dentist tomorrow...

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