Monday, 17 September 2007

Happy 16TH Birthday Ben

Well we were all up at the crack of dawn this morning!!!
Ben was really pleased with the presents that Katie sent him, and immediately put the new stud labret in. Katie brought him some other bits for his piercing's and a really nice necklace with a Mother of Pearl claw hanging from the chain which is engraved.
We had already paid for his piercings and brought him some new clothes that he wanted. This morning he had some other bits, plus a new executive leather chair for his desk. He got money from his Nan & Grandad, Aunt Joanne & Cousin Mandy. I know that he has another pressie coming from The Boot Sale Queen & Family...
He wants one of my Chicken casseroles for his dinner tonight with loads of mash, so I'm off to get that ready.
Happy 16th Birthday Ben, may all your dreams come true, Love You.....

1 comment:

KatieKatastrophe said...

I'm glad he liked what I got him. He seems to have had a good day at school. I thought the necklace was really cute. Speak to you soon Debbie. Katie xoxo

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