Friday, 13 February 2009

Welcome To My New Followers...

Hello and Welcome to another seven followers.
They are:-
Maria, who has two blogs Nukkekoti Valitalo and Nukkekoti Vainola both miniature related.
Ruby, who again doesn't have a blog but reads a few Miniature related blogs.
Sumaiya who has nine blogs, which are all Doll House related. Sumaiya makes the most wonderful Ethnic Dolls and her Henna painting is fabulous. Sumaiya also show cases other Artists work on her blogs. Thank you Sumiya.
Linda of Linsminis, who is also a team member of The Mini Food Blog and Mini Makers. Linda makes the most mouth watering Miniature Food.
Olivia who's blog is called My Dollhouse, and is fairly new to the blogging world.
Rachel from Miniatures by Rachel, who again makes the most wonderful food and floral decorations.
And last but not least lacisne88 who has two blogs A Miniature World & The Pleasures Of A Farmgirl at Heart.
As always please go over to their blogs and say Hi...


Maria said...

Well.. no my comments are not working.. lets try again and sorry if this appears two times..

Thank you! I like your blog very much!

Actually I do have two blogs but not in the blogger..

Best Wishes, Maria

Debbie said...

Maria, I have updated my post for you and added your links.
Mini Hugs

Jodi said...

Hi Debbie...

The follow because you have a fun very readable site...I need to follow too... by the does one go about attaching a 'follower' list?


Marja said...

Debbie hello what have you many admirers
nice and fun!
hugs Marja

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Debbie! Thanks for the lovely lovely intro! Hugs ~
Sumaiya :)

Debbie said...

Maria I'll updated your info in the post. Thank you.

Jodi to get the follower gadget, go to the top of your blog and click on customise, this takes you over to the dashboard. Then click on add gadget, this brings up a small menu, you will then see followers, click on the + sign and save it. It should then come up on your blog page. Any problems just email me and I'll email you back.

Sumaiya your very welcome..

Jodi said...

I did it Debbie...I added my Followers List.... thanks a bunch for your help..



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