Monday, 23 February 2009

Miniature Horses & Ponies..

While I was reading through the March edition of Dollshouse World. I came across a couple of Sites, where you can buy Miniature Horse's and Ponies, in 1/12th Scale.
Now as everyone knows by now, my Miniature Shetland Ponies are the other great Love of my life, so I was quite interested in having a look at these sites. I can feel a Miniature Stable coming on.. Another one to add to the wish list.. LOL..
Here's the Links to the sites if any one is interested, Utterley Horses and Scale Farm..


The Carolina Quilter said...

I don't know if you've ever visited Rio Rondo website? They make miniature tack and sell supplies for Breyer horse re-do's and all of that! Cute baby!

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Jodi said...

Oh Debbie ...I think a miniature Stable would be fantastic! Love Your many do you have?

Thanks for sharing this info..


Brenda said...

That's a good site, Debbie! Very reasonable prices, too. I need a horse to go with my adobe - a cowboy is gonna live there...someday...hopefully sooner than later.

Debbie said...

Thanks for that Link Jody, will pop over and have a look.

Jodi I have 23 Miniature Shetland Ponies and foals on the way...There's lots of pictures of the little rascals on my other blog.

Brenda glad the site was of use to you.

MiniKat said...

The buckles are the most tantalizing items on that site. I've been meaning to make some tack for some Breyer horses I plan on modifying. What have you gotten me into? ;-)

Chris V. said...

Love horses too! I've stayed away from teh mini ones - so far. I bet my Cher doll would love that... But I've got enough stuff saved (and to do! ha!)

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