Sunday, 8 February 2009

Ollie's Got Legs..

I made a couple of holes in Ollie's body before he went into the oven to bake. I managed to make a very small armature for each leg and inserted them, once he'd come out of the oven. I've built up some clay around the wires and he's now back in the oven. I had a bit of a disaster with his tail, it broke off. But I've managed to add more clay, a bit thicker this time and hope it stays put now.
These are some pictures I took before he went in for a second bake.


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Debbie. If you use sculpey mould maker on things like tails for a bird it shouldn't break. I've discovered its quite flexible and takes some severe attempts to break.
Also, if you put a bit of wire under the clay on the tail area it should give it even more strength.
Just incase it breaks again.
Spent many an hour with tiny thinsg breaking so hope this helps.
Nikki x

Marja said...

great debbie!!
hugs marja

kimsminiatures said...

Lookin good ....

marlies said...

Its looking realy good, I like the head. You have done great!
* marlies

Kat the hat Lady said...

Had an idea you could add a few feather fluffs around his claws. If you look at the back of a feather there is normally a little bit of feather fluff at the base which you can pull off. This would look great glued around his little feet. He's looking great so far Kat :-)

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