Saturday, 21 February 2009

PetitPlat By Stephanie..

Stephanie from PetitPlat, tried out my Truffle Tutorial. (see previous posts)
Stephanie will be displaying and selling her beautiful wares at SIMP 2009. the International Miniature Fair in Paris. She is currently working flat out to get enough creations to take to the Fair. I Love the little boxes filled with Macaroons, and just look at the little round blue box of Chocolates, it is beautifully decorated. If you click on the photo's they will pop up bigger.
Stephanie has kindly allowed me to share her pictures with you. Thank You Stephanie.
Can you see the little bowls of truffles she made. Please go over and say Hi to this very talented young lady.


Stéphanie Kilgast said...

I have to thank you :) I'm going to make tons of truffles now *___*


rosanna said...

as always, people like you and Stephanie spoli us with the best things.

Rachel said...

They look stunning! I'll pop in and say hi to Stephanie a bit. Thank you for posting, Debbie!

Rachel :)

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