Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Small Wonders Miniatures..

Just wanted to share Doreen Jeffries web site, Small Wonders Miniatures with you.
This is the only site that Nikki from Witch & Wizard Miniatures, supplies to for re-sale.
It's a lovely web site and there's something for everyone on there.
Here I've shown three of Nikki's items and I also found this little Kilt on there.
Go over and have a look, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Doreen also organises Dolls House Fairs, here's the link:-
Doreen Jeffries Doll's House Fairs..


Sandra Morris said...

Loving the kilt....... ;-)

Marja said...

oooooooohhhhhhh i love the kilt too!!!
hugs marja

The Carolina Quilter said...

Wow! what wonderful items--I'm headed over to check them out. Thank you.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

I've bookmarked this site! Fabulous! Thank you, Debbie, for the link! Mini hugs :)

erika said...

Love the things.
By the way, can you help me with a thing??
I want to do a spider of fimo, tryed yesterday, but had to giv it up.
Is it easier to do it in pieces and then glue it to getter after hardening in the oven??
So have fun and if you succed can email me the pictture of it

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