Saturday, 14 February 2009

Making Truffles..

I made some Truffles yesterday.
Here's an easy way to make them.
First off you need some Sculpy Mold Maker. (I found some in my stash).
Then some Peppercorns, yes I did say Peppercorns.
Roll out some of the mold maker, be careful because it's very sticky. Then pop it in the fridge until it's cold.
Get a small container and put in either Corn Flour or Talc, tip in some Peppercorns and stir, so that the peppercorns are coated.
Get the mold maker out of the fridge, make sure it feels firm to the touch and press in the coated Peppercorns and then pop them out with a pin.
Bake the mold maker for the correct time then remove from the oven and allow to cool.
Before using the Mold, brush with a little water and then press in small balls of clay and release.
Make as many as you want, then bake for the recommend time. You should now have convincing little Truffles. Marsha did you notice I made some Pink ones. Have I told you Marsha Loves Pink.


Kat the hat Lady said...

They look good enough to eat. Love the pink one! :-)

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Oh, yeah, PINK truffles, what could be better!!! Thank you so much for such, Debbie, for an easy way to make them!! I'm going to give it a try!!!! Mini hugs to you my friend! Marsha

Never Enough Time said...

Thanks for giving the instructions on how to make them. They do look real and yummy!

pussman said...

I'll take the chocolate ones,because I know they taste like chocolate. What do the pink ones taste like?? ;)

rosanna said...

I like the idea. I have to find Sculpy first. May be tomorrow at MIT.
mini hugs

Sandra Morris said...

Hmmmm, the burning question is..... are they calorie free?

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

They look scrumptious ...
would it be possible to repost this tutorial on the the Mini Food Blog?

Debbie said...

Glad you all like them..
Easy once you know how..

Pussman they could be Strawberry Truffles..

Sandra totally calorie free..

Sumaiya yes you can repost it on The Mini Food Blog..

kimsminiatures said...

Yumm Thanks Debbie! :o)

SharonS said...

I just found this post. I love the idea, but not the part about making a mold or using polymer clay. I'm going to try painting actual peppercorns in various shades of "chocolate" (milk, dark, white...well, cream) and using them to fill boxes of chocolates or for building your tower of truffles.

Debbie said...

SharonS be careful as Food perishes. You would need to seal the peppercorns with some kind of varnish.

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