Saturday, 21 February 2009

Mini Links...

Just to let you all know that I've added quite a few more Miniature links over on the Tiny Treasures Mini Link Page. There is nearly 400 Miniature related blogs on there now.. That's without all the other links.
I've also added the follower gadget over there, as I just wanted to know who's using it and are you all finding it useful?.
I've been going through all the Miniature Magazines and adding the links to Miniature Artisan's Web sites and Etsy links.
Please email me if I've missed your blog and I will gladly add you, or if you find a link.
Have fun everyone...

1 comment:

Katie's Clay Corner said...

I can't get over how many miniature blogs there are! When I first started my blog a year ago, I couldn't hardly find a sole! Thanks for taking the time to organize these for us. I could spend hours on that to go look at some more eye-candy!

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