Thursday, 5 February 2009

Look What Came In The Post Today..

I was really lucky last week to bid on and win, some more of Nikki's Witch & Wizard Miniatures, on EBay. Well they arrived today in the post. I'm thrilled to bits with them, Nikki kindly labelled the Bottles of Blood for me, so that they matched the items mentioned in the Harry Potter Books. How cute is that little fat round bottle of Bats Blood..
Nikki also enclosed the lovely little needlework basket, she made me as a thank you for the Cabbages I made for her..
I'm absolutely thrilled to bits with everything, can't wait to put them in the Apothecary, in Diagon Alley. The shelves are starting to look lovely now.


MiniMaker said...

Very Nice!

Marja said...

owwwwww what fun it is!!!
super to see!
hugs Marja

rosanna said...

bello bello bello!!! the bottles are so cute and the basket is perfect. It would be good for me as well. I shall ask Nikki

Never Enough Time said...

Your Diagon Alley is fabulous! I am so impressed.
I adore the little bottles and basket that Nikki made.
More pictures...please!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Debbie. So glad you like them and yes the little bats blood bottle is so lovely, especially that it's round.
Congratulatiosn for your friendship award today, you deserve it!
If you need any more little labels made let me know. If the words are too long the labels never look as good.
Also i noticed you like the paper on kats blog. If you want the images let me know and i'll email them.
Nikki x

erika said...

Lovely things, by the way I´ve solved my spidertrouble

marlies said...

The bottles looking great! I like the lables, it matches fine with the basked ho is also beautifull!
Lucky you!
* marlies

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

I thought I had left a comment, maybe not, I'm losing it, LOL How fun! Mini hugs :)

TreeFeathers said...

Beautiful minis, I bet you're thrilled!

Kat the hat Lady said...

Nikkis work is fab! I have got a parcel of Nikkis work on it's way to me. I cannot wait :-).

Anonymous said...

Debbie - I just posted your award from January. Thank you so much for sending it and I am sorry I took so long in posting it. How do you put the short addresses in?

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