Saturday, 28 February 2009

Some Other Goodie's...

Here's some of the other Goodies that I got from Matlock Miniatures. The Dove Cot is for the Diagon Alley Street Scene, it will be suitably distressed.
The tiny spindles are going to be used in Eeylops Owl Emporium, for perches for the Owls.
The tiny little plastic mice, well I have a couple of uses for these. One being that I want to make another mould, so that I can make uniform sized sugar mice for "Honeydukes" and then paint these ones and use them about Diagon Alley.
The tiny wooden Barrels are for the inside of the Apothecary.


rosanna said...

Lovely mice, I wander why we like so much the fake and we are so scared of the true ones. Misteries of human mind.

rosanna said...

Ops, what a mistake! I wanted to say wonder and I wrote wander! this is so big that even I can see it. Mini hugs

Never Enough Time said...

What a great idea about making a mold for more mice. I better go check out Matlock Miniatures too!

rosanna said...

Hi Debbie, I know that it is like gilding the lily but I couldn't avoid it. I have passed you an award, you probably have it but yours is one of my best loved blogs and you are fab!Come and pick it up Mini hugs

MiniKat said...

Adorable mice. I like the mold idea. Can't wait to see if it works out.

I think it goes without saying that I'm waiting for the entire street to be finished. ;-)

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