Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow In The South..

Have you seen the news today, the whole of the South East has ground to a halt, because of the snow. Airport's closed, no Buses or Trains running. School's closed. Makes me laugh you would think with all the weather warnings over the last few days, that they would have got their act in order. How do the people manage in Russia, Siberia, Canada etc, etc.
We rang Mick's parents this morning to see if everyone was OK and they said the Snow is still falling. My friend Tanya also rang to let us know that she and the kids were OK. Everyone in her road, is out Adults & kids, playing snowballs and building Snowmen. She did make me laugh, when she told me, that even the elderly Indian gentleman that lives next door was out in the street, with a see through Morrison's carrier bag on his head covering his Turban.. LOL..
Mick's Dad, Big Mick sent me the photograph on this post. He took it of their back garden this morning.
We are due the Snow late this afternoon and through the night, (it's already snowing in Cardiff), so we've been out to get Milk, Bread and a few bits for the fridge and made sure we have stocked up with Horse, Cat, & Dog food. Because if it Snows here we won't be able to get out, the joy of living in Rural Wales. Also filled all the outside water butts up, cause you can bet your life all the pipes will freeze again..


Caseymini said...

Debbie, It sounds like a good day to stay inside and mini! Is snow unusual in Wales? More barrels filled with slime and yucky stuff seems like a good thing to be doing today.

JFolk said...

ROFL, mental picture of the elderly Indain man with a see through Morrison's carrier bag on his head covering his Turban!!Oh for a picture of that!

rosanna said...

I can hardly imagine the senior Indian gentleman.... here is snowing as well but nothung comparing to your surroundings.
However staying at home can be nice if you have something to do ;o))

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Gosh its cold, and trying to put together some sort of dinner with fear of trecking to the shops.
It looks like caseys worm stew so far.
The indian man and his turban is ever so funny... can just imagine that.
To make you laugh for some reason when i was little my mum would paint and wear pants on her head to stop paint splashes on her hair. The only trouble was the bits for the legs were open so don't really have a clue what she was thinking! Honestly, its true... lol!

Sandra Morris said...

We've been snowed in all day. Serves us right for living at the top of a hill :-(

marlies said...

Beautifull, if you can stay indoors! I saw it on the news.
* marlies

Laura said...

It makes me laught all this situation too!! I'm staying tonight at the hospital where I work as it was too much struggle to get here this morning! Buses were not, working, tube was not working... I've been just a year in London, does life stop everytime it snows here? Isn't it ridiculous?

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