Thursday, 26 February 2009

Feedback From Blogger Re Follower Gadget..

I've just had this comment left on the previous post from Rik Klau, Project Manager, Blogger.
We have been heard Ladies and Gents... Please go to the link in this comment and it will explain, why they have changed the Follower Gadget... Please let me know what you think...

Hi Debbie, thanks so much for the feedback. Really sorry you don't like the outcome - but hopefully I can share a bit more background on why we made the change here. In short, we were trying to respect individuals' privacy - but as I note in the post I linked to, we're considering other options that would show total numbers so that those people set to private aren't subtracted from your overall total.

At the very least, rest assured that the total number of followers hasn't changed.

Thanks again for the feedback, and thanks for using Blogger.


Rick Klau
Product Manager, Blogger


Liberty Biberty said...

Good on you Debbie for being a voice for the rest of us! Apart from all the trouble it's giving us the new following thing looks ugly!

MiniKat said...

It still doesn't explain why it's such a pain now to hop over to a new follower's blog after they've already started watching our space. I guess we will have to see what happens.

San said...

I really really hate the look of the new follower gadget. I am looking for ways to see if it can look the same as the last one.

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

I hate changes. Why can´t they let it be as it was. It looks really ugly !
Thanks Debbie for taking your time to make this public.

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