Saturday, 7 February 2009

Eeylops Owl Emporium

I had a complete clear out of Eeylops Owl Emporium today. I've just been putting bits and pieces in there that I've brought, but you know what it's like I ended up not knowing what I had in there. I've now got another mess to sought through.
I've put the cages that I painted in there & I need to make some perches for the Owls.
Thank you to everyone, that answered my question in the last post, of where to get the cages from and for all the helpful links.
I managed to prise a small gilt cage apart today and remove the little bird. Its going to get a coat of paint later, then I'll put it back together. We also managed to get the bottom off of a large parrot cage, but we just can't prise the resin Parrot off the bottom. I've got it on the radiator at the moment, hoping that it will warm & loosen the glue.


Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Debbie, I'm enjoying reading your posts about your progress!!!! I just know it's going to be awesome!!! Mini hugs, Marsha

Kathy said...

Can't wait to see it finished. Of course are we ever finished? I think it will be amazing! Hugs, Kathy

Caseymini said...

Debbie! That is going to be amazing when you finish. Is the man on top of the pile the owner? You need to treat him better or he is going to start complaining!

rosanna said...

Awesome!! it is a great project, I cannot wait to see it proceding

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

Debbie this is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!

marlies said...

Yes its beautifull, I like the floor so mutch!
I'm curious how it will look if it is finished.
* marlies

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