Saturday, 2 May 2009

Watch Out Wide Load Coming Through....

This is the young Lady that is keeping us on tender hooks. She is absolutely fit to burst. These photo's which I've just taken to email to my friend Mary, just don't convey just how big she is. Enormous is a bit of an understatement.
It's definitely a case of Watch Out Wide Load Coming Through...LOL.


MiniKat said...

Poor thing! It looks like she's swallowed a field of melons. I hope she foals soon.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Gosh, talk about wide load... Lol.
She's massive and looks like she's swallowed a full size pony... lol
Hope the baby comes soon!
Nikki x

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Poor baby. I hope her baby comes soon for yours and her sake! :) Hugs

Marja said...

oohhhhh Debbie
is it only 1 foal ..
she is huge ..
hopefully she do soon..
hugs Marja

Jodi said...

I am moaning just looking at this precious little lady... she seems to be eating for '6'...Bless her heart...I hope the blessed event happens SOON!

Give her a pat and a rub for me!


hannajaleijona said...

I feel for her... I was like that with my daughter Aava... people kept on asking me whether I was sure it was not twins I was expecting.

Debie Lyons said...

Awwwwwwww bless, her poor little pot belly. Fingers crosses for a swift, safe delivery!

Debie xxx

A. Wright said...

The poor dear, her back must be killing her! I'll admit I did giggle at the first photo of what appears to be a hairy planet with a pony face :p

Hugs to her and best wishes to you all with the new arrival

Ara said...

Wow Debbie! She is huge! But she's gonna have one cute baby... she's sure a beautiful pony! Hope the new little one comes along soon! -ara

Katie's Clay Corner said...

When I seen that first picture on my blog list, I had to laugh.....Poor Baby!! She's huge! Love the title......and word as to how much longer we have to wait???? LOL!

Taenia said...

Hallo Debbie!

A few weeks ago I spend the whole night at the stable with my best friend ( .... we waited for the foal, but nothing happened. So in the morning we drove back to the city. And what happened as soon as we left the stable? YES, the foal was born :-(

Good luck, Debbie!


marlies said...

When I see her, feel the pain in my back, I hope everything goes well and quickly!
* marlies

Dlsarmywife said...

Aw what a precious girl! And I can't wait to see an even more precious little foal.

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