Monday, 29 March 2010

Some More Miniatures..

These are a few more Miniatures, that I unearthed over the weekend.
The Vicar I've had for years, I did at one time want a Church with a Wedding scene. I've got all the Dolls but not the Church to put them in.
A couple more 1:12Th Motor Bikes that belong to Mick.
A sweet little girl made by Judith Laird of Crumpled and Rumpled.
The last three pictures show some toys for my Toy Shop, aptly called Tiny Treasures..
Been reading through peoples reports on Miniaturia, sounds like every one had a really good time. Looking forward to seeing what our blog friends brought home with them.


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

More beautiful minis!
I adore the little mouse in the box.
Looks like miniatura was good. Wish i'd had the cash and gone myself.
Mind you me and my knee when i go there and losing my shopping after has put me off the place, lol.
Nikki xxx

Debbie said...

Nikki put your glasses on that Mouse is a Rabbit..LOL

Christel Jensen said...

You must have been collecting for many years right? It is so much and so many nice things.
Happy Easter Debbie:)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Oh yeh lol... well i love your bunny then, isn't she sweet! Dont tell me it's a he now though!
I did actually have my old broken glasses on at the time. Have the updated ones on now so i can see.
I dare not wear the good ones round the house else i'll end up cleaning... what i cant see doesn't get done.
Lots of positives to being as blind as a bat.
Oh yes and im back to wearing two pairs at times again. Need a check up and new lnses i think... again.
I am also on kitchen strike today.
Theres no way i'm cooking, washing or doing anything in that room today until they all tidy up and clean the messs they have left, the same with the bathroom. Everything else i'll do but really peeved with lazy people... even though i am meant to be their mum and wife im just not doing it!
Had my moan now... off to sand, lol.
Nikki xxx

julietk said...

Hi I am pleased to tell you you have won a prize in my Blog hop draw. regards Julietk

Glenda said...

I'm really enjoying the unveiling of your minis stash, Debbie!

Tallulah Belle said...

Woo hoo I can see pics now.

I LOVE Sooty. Mick has a life size Sooty on his desk at work...he has traveled the world skydiving with him :-)

Ara said...

Love the Vicar! He has a great expression! I am enjoying seeing your mini collection as well!

Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Debbie, I see a Womble in the last picture !!! Oh how I loved those funny guys !!! You lucky one to own such a great tiny treasure ;o)
Have a wonderful Easter time !

Marja said...

oh my ...
You can own a whole store ....
what a wonderful mini, you have already shown ..
a large collection of wonderful items
each box is almost new extra little gifts
everything else okay with you?

Louise Hunter said...

I have the Avon house and all the miniatures and the family all in A1 condition.... just not sure wether to part with it. Cost a pretty penny when i got it from Avon. Kept for my daughter but she just doesnt seem interested.

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