Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Miniature Kits and Models

Lots more boxes have been moved and are currently being sorted.
One of the boxes that I opened today, contained Mick's 1:12th Scale Miniature Motor bikes. Mick was going to build himself a Motorbike Garage and Forecourt. Not that he's ever got round to making it!. I've packed them away in one of the cupboards, until he decides what he wants to do with them.
I also found loads of kits that need making or finishing. A few of them are miniature flower kits, which will definitely come in handy if I build a garden around Coggleshall Cottage.

On the home front, we took a trip up to Aberystwyth yesterday, has Ben had booked his theory driving test, which I'm pleased to say he passed. He now needs a few more driving lessons before he takes his driving test. Then he can start driving his own car and we won't have to be taxi drivers any more.
I had a trip to the Doctor's today for blood tests. Thankfully the Lady that takes the blood knows how bad I am with needles and said that she wouldn't be messing about. She had one go and managed to get the blood to flow. I was so relieved I cried!...


Michelle's Mad World said...

My goodness, never will I ever let any of my family say I have ALOT of mini's in storage! lol Fabulous kits though. It will be great to see you mini making again,:o)

So glad that the blood test was good for once! ;o))

Michelle xxxx

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Debbie so glad things went better for you today at last! Hope Ben gets on ok. we have got Emily a car, shes 18 in August and it would be so much easier for her to drive to Uni from us. She hasnt booked lessons yet, going to go out with John...that could be interesting! John just got v excited over those bikes! he is into Motorbikes in a big way and has a few on a shelf so was 'oooh' oohing' at them all! So if Mick decides to not keep them, John would be interested in some!. In fact I am thinking of doing him an old style motorbike 'shop' for Fathers Day IF i find the time! I have got a few chopper bikes and old vintage bikes in scale and was going to do it with old bike posters on the walls and tool boxes etc. Well, thats the idea!After all with all these girly projects he has to have one for the men!
Kate xx

Debie Lyons said...

Debs I am glad that today went ok and it wasnt too bad. I know how much you hate needles. Its nice to see your next lot of minis and those kits are lovely . You sure arent going to get bored anytime soon LOL
Looking forward to the next batch.
Debie xxxxxx

MiniKat said...

So glad this round of needles went smoother than the last one.

Sans said...

Keep us posted on the results, ok?

Marja said...

Debbie soooo .. ;-)
You can still years ahead with all those mini's ... LOL
glad all went well with you ..
Hugs Marja

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