Friday, 19 March 2010

Coggeshall Cottage..

Let me introduce you to Coggeshall Cottage.
My Parents were staying over at their friends some years ago and my Dad took them all to visit his Aunt who lived in Coggeshall. Whilst they were there, they got talking about Doll Houses and my Dad's Aunt took them to see a Man who had made this Cottage. It was made to resemble the cottages that are in Coggeshall. Now he had made it to go in the Dolls House Shop, that used to be in Coggeshall, but because he had used real glass in the windows, they couldn't sell it for safety reasons. So my Mum and Dad brought it, and gave it to me when they came home. Unfortunately, the weight on the front two doors, was pulling on the frame, so we've taken them off, until we can fix the problem. I think we may have to mount it on its own base to support them. But that could have an advantage, that I could then have a very pretty country garden around it.


rosanna said...

Lovely cottage and a lovely village too. Goodnight Rosanna

Tallulah Belle said...

Ive been to Coggeshall :-)

That is gorgeous can see how well it is made. Lucky you.

Karin Corbin said...

Very nice to have a hand crafted dollhouse. I will look good on a base, my thinking is that all dollhouses look much better with a little riser under them. The same as framing a piece of art or putting a display base under a piece of sculpture.

There is a fairly simple fix you can do to strengthen the hinge post. Those post are stout enough and if the body of the house is plywood then it will work. Doweling is the solution. Near the top and bottom of the post and a couple of place in the center drill into the post and an inch and a half or so on into the plywood. Match the drill bit to the dowel. Make some spiraling grooves along the dowel to help the glue move around and allow excess glue to escape.

This will help tie the load of the hinged doors back into the side wall panels instead of just stressing the corner post area.

You should be able to do the fix in about 20 minutes or so of prep and install time at a very minimal cost . It will look much like pegging on a timber frame house once you trim the dowels off flush.

dale said...

Oh, that is a wonderful house!

So charming.

Are you going to do the inside of it?

joy said...

What a beautiful house you are very lovely to own it Debie x

Deni said...

Oh that is absolutely fabulous I luv that!
Tudor!!!! luv luv luv tudor!!!
what a wondeful little house to have!

Begoña said...

Really nice, wonderful place to live at

miniacollection said...

Beautiful cottage. The village is so English, it looks like a great place.

Debie Lyons said...

A lot of love has gone into that house Debs. Are you going to set up all your special houses in a special place? I love houses like this, one of a kind and special.
Debie xxxxxxxxx

Liberty Biberty said...

Wow! What a dream cottage, how wonderful to have it already made (house building is not my favourite thing to do!). You'll work wonders with it Debbie, can't wait to see what you do!

Jean Day said...

What a great style, Tudor is so fabulous, how thoughtful of your parents, you are so lucky!! It would be so beautiful with a country garden and so much fun to do. I've never added gardens to my houses, it is a lovely idea.

My Realitty said...

This is such a great house! The pictures 1:1 of the town are fabulous. Are you going to put people in it or just do room scenes? Thanks Carol M

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