Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Scrapbooking Stash & Miniatures...

I had an email from Mercedes at Liberty Biberty, this morning. Now what you might or might not know is, that myself and Mercedes also enjoy Scrap booking.
I told Mercedes, that I'd found some of my Stash and that I'd do a post to show you all. Now the good thing is a lot of the stuff made for Scrapbooks can also be used by us Miniaturists.
Things like Scrapbook paper, the little charms, Stamps, well all manner of things really and most of it is Acid Free.
Today, I got some of my stash out of the Garage, I've emptied boxes and washed and disinfected, everything again today and sort of taken over the Kitchen. Now everything is lovely and clean and can be transferred into the Caravan.
I also found in my Scrapbook Stash, the Reindeer Christmas Labels, I made about six years ago. I kept these two as I was so pleased with how they turned out.


Pandora said...

You have been busy. Lots of useful stuff there. The Reindeer labels are great.


Debie Lyons said...

Debbie you are so lucky. I thought I was a hoarder till I saw all this. WOW. I love those little charms, that little grandfather clock is so cute. I also love the key backing papers. I love keys. Looking forward to your next post - so exciting.
Debie xxxxxx

Norma said...

Debbie I think you'd better forget the caravan and find a nearby warehouse! Once you get all your 'stash' in there there'll be no room for you!! :)

Michelle's Mad World said...

I have quite a few scrap booking charms etc., and yes indeedy they are great for mini's! I bought quite a lot of my items in the US, but now you can get just as many items over in the UK now. :o) Gosh, you shouldn't have to buy any materials to make mini's for yonks now! lol

Michelle xxx

dale said...

This is why I try not to go down the scrapbook aisle. I'd buy everything!

I do have to confess, I really do like the scrapbook paper.

Those tags are adorable. :)

Julie Kendall said...

Wow.......and coooooo and wow
......loving it all and im def with Debie on keys!
Lots of yummy things to play with...or sort in your case:O)

Liberty Biberty said...

Oh! Debbie, the fun I could have at your place!
I'll have to show hubby your pics so he'll feel better about how little (compared to you) stuff I have. Although he was very impressed the other day when he needed an eyelet punch and I knew exactly which box it was in!
I'm trying not to buy any more scrapbooking stuff but it's not can never have too many embellishments!

Reiko said...

Glad to know I am not the only miniturist who enjoy scrapbooking. But I also have to admit that I do more scrapbooking than mini. I feel I have to write my childrens story down before I forget :-). But one day when the time is there I will have lots of minis to do

Vane said...

I love scrap. It is true many things can be useful for minis!.
I love those charms.



Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Im going to be thick now and say what is Scrapbooking? seen magazines on it and seen items on ebay but what do you do , what is it used for? Kate xxx

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Ditto everything Debie said!(great minds think alike!!) my mum has tons and tons of cardmaking and scrapbooking stuff.... maybe I should go rummage through her stash to see what useful stuff I can 'borrow' LOL looks like you are going to have a really fun time now you've reaquainted yourself with all your stuff :o)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Love your drawers... lol. No seriouusly, what shop are the drawers from?
Loads of paper and thought i was bad for having a paper love.
I think i can see an hour glass in the charms. That would look great for your minis if it is what i think.
Nice to see your finds today and will look forward to more.
Nikki xxx

miniacollection said...

You've got so many things, it's like a shop...
I wonder how long it will take you to settle in the caravan. Good luck !It will be great to have your own space.

Deni said...

WOW you certainly have some stash there!
Mmmm I also have tried scrapbooking and have a tote somewhere here lol,not as big as that! You would be able to start a shop there Debbie!lol

Chris V. said...

Debbie thanks for making me feel like less of a packrat. ha! I have all kinds of paper too but I use it for wallpaper and decorating.

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