Friday, 26 March 2010

More & More Boxes..

Today another box was opened and inside was lots of boxes. Here are some pictures of some of the things I've found today. Most of which are my own collection.
The baby dolls were made for me by a lovely lady named Val. I used to sell these crawling babies, sleeping babies and Doll's.
The little Elves were made by Judith Laird of Crumpled and Rumpled and they are supposed to reside in the Tree House.
The Indian Squaw and Child, I brought at a Tom Bishop fair years ago. I have still to find the Stage Coach that I brought later.
The beautiful turnings were made by Ron, at the Dolls House Club that I used to attend.
The resin set of a Victorian Parlour was made by Avon the Cosmetics Company. I also have the other room sets in this series.
Then in the last few photographs is a large collection of Reutter Porcelain. Some of which I have doubles of, so I be selling off the doubles.
Also I'd like to wish all our friends who are exhibiting, or visiting Miniaturia this weekend, a safe journey and I hope you all have a wonderful time.. xxx


Michelle's Mad World said...

These mini's are wonderful! I LOVE the parlour set, so cosy looking. Is it made of resin and wood?

I love the babies too! I love them all! Hmm methinks when you moved from Kent to Wales that you must have had a lorry JUST for your mini's and crafty bits and pieces! lol ;o)

Michelle xxx

Josje said...

I am absolutely amazed at all the miniatures you keep finding. Wow. Now that you know where they are (and what they are) will you be making lots of lovely scenes or fill your houses with them?
I adore the pedlar doll. I find all pedlar dolls fascinating, I just want to go through all of their goods. I'm sure one day I will make one myself.

Marleen said...

What a lot of beautiful miniatures do you can open a dollhouse and miniature store right now(LOL)
It's really amazing what you have collect through the years...and every piece is so pretty....i like to help you go trough all of you boxes :-)


Deb said...

Wow! I would love to go shopping at your house!

miniannalee said...

I am drooling over all the minis. I just wish I was there helping you sort thru them. I just love seeeing all your finds. Amazing.

Norma said...

MORE boxes??!! And boxes within boxes, and a Stage Coach still to come! I'm beyond speechless now Debbie - where have you had all this stored - in a black hole??? ;)

Liberty Biberty said...

I'm SPEECHLESS Debbie!! I just can't believe what you have in all your boxes...must show hubby, then he'll realise how lucky he is!LOL!
All those sweet little babies...I think you need to make a daycare.

Margaret said...

Your boxes hold a treasure trove, I'm sure you have enough to open a shop! Such nice things you have plenty to fill a couple more houses.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Wow Avon made miniatures! I love the parlour set too Debbie, is it 1 12th scale , must look out for one on ebay, could be good for the Sweeney house parlour and if Resin I could paint the sofa maybe to the colour I wanted to fit in! Kate xx

Sans said...

Checking your blog is like window shopping for minis :)

dora said...

Madre mia, que cantidad de cosas!!!, y tan bonitas.
Tiene unas muñecas preciosas.
Los bebes muy dules.
Tene personajes para montar varias casitas.

Peach Blossom Hill said...

I can't believe you are finding this many treasures! All of my mini's put together might fill up a good sized plastic storage box. I am 'mini poor' compared to you! These are wonderful! I especially love the turnings.


The Old Maid said...

Wow! I have never heard that Avon was selling miniatures! We have their products in my country too but there was nothing as interesting as this! Again: thank you Debbie for showing your great treasures!

Debie Lyons said...

Debs it must be so nice re-discovering minis that you have had for your collection and those that you had from when you ran your business. It would be so nice to see you running your buiness again, perhaps one day in the future when your health is much better you will be able to. You certainly have an eye for something special.
Debie xxxxxxxxx

Deni said...

Are you sure you didn't own a shop Debbie? My Goodness!
You have such a lovely lot of minis
I wish I was nearby I would luv to see them lol
The dolls are gorgeous!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Love your red indians and the goblins!
Yes i know i am late on this one!
Nikki xxx

ELFI CELLA said...

la caverne d'ali baba..

Jean Day said...

Wonderful stash!

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