Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sleeper Wall..

I can't believe what we've managed to achieve in a few hours today, with the help of a pick axe and a chain saw.
The first two photographs were taken just before we started work. I wanted a wall built that can be in filled with earth so that we have some level ground at the back of my garden room/shed and log store. It's the stone building you can see behind. Its flat right at the top but then the ground slopes away.
I eventually want to plant this up with Flowers and Vegetables and put a Bench against the wall at the back and have Clematis, Roses and Jasmine growing up the walls. That way we can sit there and enjoy the views, surrounded by sweet smelling flowers..
It was really hard work digging out the earth down the sides, as we are on slate and it did take some hefty whacks with the pick axe to make any head way. Just one more layer of railway sleepers to go and then we will be level with the ground at the back. Then the bracing bars will be screwed on inside the back of the sleeper wall and then I can fill it with earth.
I'm really pleased with the results so far, mind you my muscles are screaming at me now...
I'll be back later with some wonderful miniatures I received in the post today...


rosanna said...

Amazig! you'll develope muscles worth of Hulk. I love your idea of a sweet smelling place to relax. Hugs

Tallulah~Belle said...

Oh my...that IS a lot of work.

it will be wonderful when it is finished though...will the view be over the hills ?

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Gosh Debbie. Railway sleepers are so heavy and to have done so many in a day is back breaking.
Will be nice though when done and the view will be lovely to sit and admire.

Debbie said...

Rosanna my arms were aching last night after moving that lot. But it will be lovely once its finished. x

Jayne yes we will have views over the hills and around us..x

Nikki hopefully your be able to enjoy the view yourself when you come and visit us again..xx

Sabiha Barkey said...

Wow, wonderful,I only can dream about so much space to relax...I even do not have to do my best to look in the livingroom of my neighbours!


MiniKat said...

What wonderful potential! I can just picture it finished, covered with blossoms. :-)

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