Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Oh What A Night...

After the shock birth on the drive, last night. Mum and Baby were moved into a nice warm stable to do their bonding.
We made sure baby had his first drink and Pooh! (Yes you do have to check everything). Then went indoors to have a celebratory cup of tea. After about 30 minutes, we went back to check everything was OK and I wasn't happy with the look and behaviour of Muffy, who was stamping the ground, getting down, then up again. So called the emergency vet out. The poor girl had Colic and boy was she in a state. We walked her round and round the stable, waiting for the vet to arrive, the poor foal must have been so dizzy following its Mum. The vet arrived gave her a couple of jabs, checked all was well at the birth end and we stood with her and watched the medication take effect. Our Dutch Vet Wim is brilliant. By now it is Midnight!..
Saw the Vet off then came in for another cuppa and tried to catch up with some of your blogs. (I did try to leave comments on as many as possible!). Then back down the stable's at 1.30am to check all was well and baby was feeding. Finally at 3am, went to bed...
Muffy was perfectly fine at 7am morning and baby is up and about and feeding really well.
We noticed after he'd dried off in the stable last night, that he has a little lightening streak on his bottom, do we have another Harry Potter Fan in our midst? or was he kissed by the Angels?. Took these pictures this morning. If you click on them they will pop up bigger...
Our little chap hasn't got a name yet, but will have by this evening. Will try and update later, back down to the Stables now...xxx


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Oh Debbie, sounds like an awful night. But glad everything is ok now.
He will have to have a Harry Potter based name now with the lightening streak. Or maybe something connected to the stars.
I found this link for b names
I think you said ages agao you are naming them all with b at the start.
Heres some start names too.
Lovely pics too and he's beautiful.
Nikki x

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Awww hes georgeous!! and am loving the streak on his bum too :o) will have to put my thinking cap on as I can only think of 'Flash' right now!
How many are still waiting to deliver? 2 or 3? fingers crossed you may get a whole nights sleep by the end of the month!!

Sassy M said...

Oh, Debbie, he is so precious! How frightening that must have been. I am so glad that Muffy is doing better. :) Hugs

Sabiha Barkey said...

Congratulations Debbie,it is a very cutie and I am glad to hear everything is fine now!


Josje Veenenbos, said...

Oh my, another eventful night! But I bet you're quite happy to loose some sleep if all is well in the end. Next time tell vet Wim 'goed gedaan' and 'dank je wel'.
Love the white streak on his bottom, maybe there's a name related to the weather-gods in that huge list you've got. Good luck with these two!

Chris V. said...

Cute, cute! Glad they're both ok.

rosanna said...

I was sure you should not have a restfull night! I'm happy for both Muffy and the littlechap. He is really lovely, his curls are sooo sweet.Newly born creatures look like a miracle, both two and four legged ones.

Kim said...

He is so cute- and I am also very glad that Mom and baby are doing fine. I have been thinking about you and your expectant mommies! Hope the rest go well! I also hope you get a little rest in here somewhere :)

kimsminiatures said...

Oh boy you scared me there for a moment.Glad Muffy and baby are doing well. I guess you got a little sleep. That baby is adroable. I love his mark.
Take care Debbie and maybe squeeze in a nap.
Mini hugs!

Judy C said...

Debbie, he is beautiful. I know it is a stressful time and you are busy and tired but I truly appreciate that you took the time to share this with us.

Debie Lyons said...

Wow, what a night you have had. That streak on his bottom and you being such a HP fan, its fated. Are you going to keep him?
Debie xxx

Caseymini said...

Beautiful baby and mom. I am glad that they are both doing well now. Now it's time to take care of Debbie. Sit and relax for about 10 minutes, until the next baby starts to arrive! Good luck with all of them, Hugs, Casey

Katie said...

He needs a name like Zeus or something with that lighting strike on his butt! LOL!! he's so cute Debbie, sorry you had an awful night...but I bet when you look back at this in a few months, you'll agree, that it was well worth it!

Katie :) said...

He is an outrageously cute baby :)

Absolutely adorable, the little lightening bolt, how sweet?


MiniKat said...

I'm glad Muffy is ok now. Poor thing. You'd think Fate would leave her be after giving birth in the drive.

The colt is even more handsome now that he's dry. I think the lightning bolt should have some bearing with his name, don't you?

Vicky Guile said...

Dear me Debbie...what a night you had! Great to read that mum and baby are now both doing well, I hope you are making sure that you are rested enough too.
Vicky x

Terry said...

troppo bello !!!
too much beautiful !!!

Ana Anselmo said...

wow! he is so lovely!!!!!

Linda Carswell said...

Oh Debbie!! So beautiful, these adorable little things always come with a price....your cost was lost sleep....oh...not to forget the vet!! But!...so adorable...lots of fun I bet!!

Regards, Linda

(cetainly are "tiny treasures")

Anonymous said...

Glad it has all settled down for you. It's lovely to see the babies.

I love the new header. I've been messing with my blogs too, I think I've finished now. So hard to stop changing my mind.

x hel x

Lisa said...

Hi Debbie,
I'm a bit late reading this post... but your baby is sooo cute, I'm pleased it all worked out - I'm wondering however, what you called him in the end.... ?
Mini HUgs, Lisa x

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