Sunday, 29 March 2009

More Potions & Barrels

Last night while we were watching the TV, I made some more Bubbling Barrel's and Potions for the Apothecary.
Still lots more to make..
I was also messing around with some graph paper yesterday, drawing out a design for the Witches Hat Shop. I'm not going to buy a ready made shop, but build my own. I've already ordered the Paper Clay. Not sure whether to build it from foam board or go for the MDF option. Decisions, decisions.
Mind you I've still got "Honeydukes" to finish and Diagon Alley, is an ongoing project. Plus I have some bits and pieces to make for friends.


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi Debbie. I have an idea for your hat shop. Well not an idea but what materials you could use to make it.
Had a lovely email from the lady that made the muddy end witches house i've shown on a previous post.
When i'm more organised going to create a posting all about this lady and a site she belongs to showing the stages of how she created muddy end.
She's ever so clever but need to ask permission from her first to do this.
Will probably post in a few days.

Judy C said...

Neat way to watch tv.

Sunny Sunflower Miniatures said...

Are you sure you're a Muggle? You stir up potions like you know magic!

Perhaps make your hat shop from a kit and alter it to suit your needs? Just thinking about making a house from scratch gives me chills. But you probably know more about building than me!
Good luck,

MiniKat said...

The last time I combined foam board and paper clay I ended up with warped walls. Have you used them together with success, and if so how?

rosanna said...

How much work but I'm sure you'll have lot of fun. I'm drawing a new project as well. I'll ask your advice.Mini hugs

kimsminiatures said...

So cool Debbie, I just love seeing your things so much. I agree I think you may be a wizard. Lol
Mini hugs!

TreeFeathers said...

Great potions, I love the pretty pastel colors!

One thing I can tell you about MDF, it is very, very heavy. On the other hand, foam board can potentially warp, so I guess I'm not much help!

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Talking of making houses. I though the other evening i'd make a house from recycled materials and chopped up numrous carboard boxes.
Then spent hours making it all and after about 7 hours thought oh what a load of rubbish and chucked it in the garage.
Then when in hobbycraft the next day though oh i know if i buy some modroc and wrap this around it will be strong. Spent so much on modroc (not sure of that spelling) and when home didnt want to waste it on the carboard house just incase it went wrong and was all wasted. So ow i have a drawer of the stuff but think i'll use it to strenthen my next recycled materials house.
The one in the garage is quite nice really and round in design and may be able to still rescue when it stps annoying
Just waiiting on the reply from the lady i mentioned earlier and hopefully will be able to do a posting about how to make a house from recycled materials as a base.

Jean Day said...

These look almost like they are moving and frothing. So much fun to design a new store. Another option might be a plastic coated foam core type board they recommend for paper clay but I can't remember the name.

Jean Day said...

I just remembered that Gatorboard or Gatorfoam is the board the Rik Pierce uses, it really resists warping and is light weight.

Debbie said...

Nikki, will look forward to that post.

Glad u like them Judy..

Mary I do love a challenge and I've built from scratch before.

Minikat never used Paper Clay so I'll look into this before I use it as I don't want it to warp. Mind you it is for a Witch so might look good.

Rosanna looking forward to seeing your new project, if you need any help, just shout.

Glad you like them Kim always thought I was a bit of a Witch on the quiet..LOL

Grace glad you like the potions. I've used MDF before so know how heavy it can be. That's why I was wondering whether to use Foam Board.

Nikki I use Modroc all the time but beware it does crack.

Jean thanks for that Info will have a look around for the Gator Board.

Tallulah~Belle said...

Love the bubble effect.

I am slowly collecting gatorfoam here for when I finally build my church pub.

I have pained some and paperclayed some and it doesn't warp. It is light and very easy to cut. Hard to get and expensive in anything other than 3/16 thick though and I'd prefer thicker for my building.

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