Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Miniatura.. Here We Come..

Well Nikki's already told everyone on her blog, so I thought I might as well tell you on here as well.
Nikki and I are off to Miniatura at the NEC Birmingham on Sunday. Yippee, I can't wait as I haven't been for about 5 years and as it's Mother's Day here in the UK on Sunday, what a treat it will be.. Is anyone else going?
The little Witch is coming to our place in Wales on Saturday, staying the night and then we are travelling to Birmingham, early on the Sunday Morning. So that means Nikki, I will be dragging you out of bed about 6am on Sunday morning for the drive up. I can put a Duvet and some pillows in the car for you.. LOL.. Just to assure Nikki, I'm not some weird axe welding mad woman and I really am quite sane. Well there may be a little insanity in there somewhere.. I'll make sure the Cauldron is on the boil.
Nikki and I have become very good friends through Miniatures, and we do have the odd chin-wag on the phone, MSN and email each other most days. This will be the first time we have met face to face.. Oh and I meant to say don't worry Nikki, I won't have you mucking out the Ponies, you can just watch..Although Nikki, I have a mop and bucket if you want to wash some floors. (Nikki enjoys scrubbing floors!).
I will take my Camera but whether anyone will allow us to take any photographs, I don't know.
Pop over to Nikki's blog to hear her brilliant news..

I will be back later with something else to share.. Just got to take some photographs....BRB..


Daisy said...

Have a nice trip!
I hope the photos!

Jodi said...

Have a wonderful wonderful time...I envy you both. Wish I could join is the time when the floo powder would come in handy!!

If you run into Jane Davies there...please give her my very best...

Can't wait to hear of your journey


Debbie said...

Thank you Daisy..

Jodi I certainly will say Hello for you.. Really looking forward to the show..

Sassy Mini Dolls said...

Have a wonderful time!!! Can't wait to see what you buy! :)

Debbie said...

Marsha, I'm going with a budget and will be repeating to myself, I must resist, I must resist.. LOL

Tallulah~Belle said...

How lovely it will be to'll have so much fun.

I am a Brummie so went to Miniatura many many times, never at the NEC though, back in the old days when it was at a much smaller hotel.

Have loads of fun :-)

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Have a Fab time, Im sure it will be really good fun. Bet all the boys are releived they dont have to cook a Mother's day dinner, what a let off for them all!
Spend lots of pennies, show us all the goodies and make sure you get photos of Nikki,dont let her get away!! he he!!

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